Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Guys I want to Eff

I was reading one of Slugger's old posts about hot guys here at work and randomly started using google Image Search. I remember reading a blog called Star Fucker and I decided that I should list some of the guys I would LOVE to "Eff" as I say with my buddies. Here they are... I no order.. Guys that are on my mind who play sports...

Brady reminds me of a guy I played football with in High School. By the way, I lettered and got my Jacket in Football in high school. Anyway, Brady Quinn is not only good looking, he is a GREAT QB for Notre Dame. I grew up a Florida Gator fan but have been rooting for ND since Charlie Weiss took over. Brady Quinn has that All American Boy next Door look that just makes you look at him and just ponder...

DAVID WRIGHT - 3B - New York Mets

Slugger and I agree on David Wright. He is just a hottie. Plus, he is a great third baseman for the NY Mets. He has helped turn that team around and made them competative again. He also has a nice ass. Honestly, I wish he was playing third base for the Yankees instead of that OTHER guy they have playing right now. The one thing I do question about David Wright...

He is the hottest new star of the Mets and YET has STAYED OUT OF THE HEADLINES about who he is dating or been seen with at Manhattan night clubs and lounges. I also talked to a friend of mine who was at a charity event with Wright. He did not bring a date and seemed to talk to him the entire night. Even made his way back to where he was after talking for about 20 minutes to invite him to a Mets game because he was "really cool". He declined and didn't think anything of it until AFTER Wright had left the event and he was talking to me on the phone. This of course is all from my friend who was there at the event and nothing happened. So I am just making a wild guess about him, and holding out hope that he could POSSIBLY want to go on a date with me.


Ahhh, Matt Leinart. Now, he would be the perfect canidate to be in the closet... He is best friends with Nick Lachey and Nick stayed at his "crib" during his break up with Jessica Simpson... Just stop and take a mental image of what COULD have happened in that apartment.


Ok, moving on.. Matt is the proud daddy of a baby with USC women’s basketball player Brynn Cameron. Matt did a spread for ESPN the magazine around the NFL Draft and had him shirtless and all that. I can't seem to find it online... if anyone has it, along with a scanner, send it over.


Ahh yes. gay shirtless icon Jeremy Bloom. Even since he played football at CU and posed shirtless to make some cash as a professional and Olympic skier, he has been a staple of talk on Outsports. He even did an interview about what he thought of his gay fans. Not only is he in really good shape, he worked himself hard to get drafted, by of all teams, the Eagles. I hate the Eagles with a passion. And there for until Bloom decides to drop the Iggles like a bad habit and join New York, until then, his poster will come off my wall... no seriously, it's rolled up in my closet right now...

ALEX SMITH - QB - San Fransisco 49ers

Alex is a really good looking guy. He is also realllly smart.

from nfl.com: Graduated in May 2003 after only two years at Utah with a bachelor's degree in Economics … Presently pursuing his master's in that field

Wait.. you are an NFL QB and going for your MASTERS! I can't really find anything on his personal life (I know, kinda stalkerish) but he runs 4.7 in the 40-yard dash … does a 335-pound bench press …and has a 31-inch vertical jump. Thats right... 31 INCHES.

He does have a blog at NFLPlayers.com. Check it out

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  1. no yankees on your list?
    eh, none of them are that good lookin anyway :-P