Monday, November 13, 2006

Good and Sad Weekend

What a sad weekend. First, I don't want to talk about the Giants at all.
They pissed me off so much.

The tailgating was awesome. We deep fried a turkey, had heros (
grinders, subs, hogies... whatevr you call them near you) steak and
plenty of beer. A few of my buddies from college came down and met up
with them in the parking lot. We were chugging right out of the handle
of SoCo. It was insane. I did calm down when I went into the game.

I don't drink beer when I get in the game. $8 is rediculous to pay for a
bottle of beer.

The game went real bad and I ended up getting back to my parents house
at 2am and woke up at 930am this morning.

My friends moms funeral was today. Not to bring the whole tone down it
was just a sad somber crummy day out. I'm on my way into work for
10pm on barely sleep the past 3 nights.

Right after the burial, I took a walk across the cemetery to where my
grandmother is burried. On my walk over I lost it and cried. I have been
thinking about life and how much I HATE working overnight. My entire
life gets put on hold. I have been thinking about some moves but nothing
is set in stone.

Now, I have been having some roommate problems. My roommate, Margo, is running a "music marketing bussiness" out of our living room. I get back, I am in a bad mood, it's 80 degrees and the HEAT is blarring. I turn it down, get unpacked and hear her walk in. She wants to convert our half living room and half office into a fulltime office. I flip out because I am tired and cranky.

The highlight of the weekend was hanging out with some of my fraternity brothers back at school. My parents house is only about 25 minutes away. I am a brother of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. So, hanging out and partying with the guys is always good.

Anyway, more to come tonight while I am cranky at work.

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