Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gay Weathermen

I was watching a weathercast from WPVI in Philly and they have a hot weather guy nammed Adam Joseph. He has an awesome body and from what I have heard from people, he is a nice guy as well. A friend of mine in Philly told me that he has been seen around gay bars and clubs in Philladelphia. My buddy Kyle said, "he's not flamboyant gay, just a nice guy." He is a tri-athelon athlete and competes in about 3 a summer. He is in crazy shape. He is a lot better looking in person on television and in HD.

I did some digging, found some pictures. Nice body and aparently a nice personality. Sounds like a catch... maybe he is reading?

I can't wait to get out of work right now. 20 minutes and counting. I decided that I will head home and have dinner with my folks. Not going to get much sleep, but i should be worth it. I am so hungry!


  1. hmm who is this weatherman you speak of?
    maybe i'm not watching enough of philadelphias local news... its just too hilarious. come on, its called ACTION NEWS, and my boyfriend wont stop quoting one of the segments called "THE POWER OF LIGHTNING" rofl

  2. If I'n not mistaked, Philly has a traffic reporter who is gay, out and very cute.