Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It's tax season and I am getting over 2,000 back from the Government! I am pretty excited about it. Since I don't have to pay for a gym I decided to splurge and buy P90X.

A buddy of mine from college tried it and he had fantastic results.

I have recently been running a lot with my Nike+ since it has been getting warmer outside and my buddy Mike said I should try out the program.

I wasn't really sold on the idea of doing a workout program at home but he showed me some before and after photos that blew my mind.

Here are his stats:

Day 1: 176 lbs Body Fat: 20%
Day 90: 162 lbs Body Fat: 11%
Day 120: 164 lbs Body Fat: 8%
Day 170: 166 lbs: Body Fat: 7%

I told Mike that I would obscure his face so no one could "steal" his before and after pics. As you can see, he had a good bod before the program started. He talked me into trying it out and he is going to coach me along in the program.

As I said, I got it today and I read through the materials, did the "pre-test" and passed with flying colors. I am concerned about the pullups. I am terrible at them and always have been.

I MIGHT show my before pics after 90 Days. I am on a mission and this is something new and fun to try out. Let's see how it goes. Wish me luck!


  1. good luck man. your friend looks amazing btw

  2. You already have the makings so you should really excel at this, now we will be referring to you as major hottie... best of luck man!

  3. That would be really interesting to hear the results.

    (take before & after photos!)

  4. Good luck buddy, I know you can do it!

  5. good luck with this! wish i could get motivated to do the same. wow, your friend was hot even before.

  6. My neighbor is trying P90X. I have Tony's first Power 90 DVD program. It kicks butt to say the least. I use Tae Bo and LOVE it for a good cardio workout.

  7. DAMN! Is your friend single?

  8. You gotta let us know if this works. I've seen the ads and was skeptical but if it's really that great I may have to try it. Your friend is damn hot by the way. ;)

  9. hmm...so did this work out for you? I wouldn't mind getting rid of my gym membership for a while to try this out...let me know