Friday, March 27, 2009

Saying Goodbye... and vacation.

I haven't been this lame in a while. At least, this is what Tony would say.

I've mentioned him on the site before as a friend of mine. I was supposed to see him in February but a bunch of stuff happened where we ended up missing eachother. I don't know if he is reading the blog for the next few months but I've been thinking about him tonight/this morning.

I have been working on a script with my buddy Phil. I have run the idea by a few friends and they seem to really like the premise. Tony and I would talk about writing something together one day. He would send me stuff he would work on early in the morning while he was in school.

Anyway, I got really nostalgic tonight. I shot him an e-mail and hope to hear back from him in a week or so.

Tony is a guy that I had an enormous crush on when I first met him and started hanging out. The crush faded and left me with an awesome friend who has called me out on stuff and put me in my place several times when I needed to be called out.

I fucking miss him terribly and can't wait for to see him again soon.

On a happy note... I bought tickets to Las Vegas! I'm heading out to CineVegas in June!!! I can't wait.

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