Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guys Gone Wild

Late at night, when I am awake, I will be flipping through the channels and no matter what I will always see a commercial for Girls Gone Wild.

Girls flash their tits and scream "WOOOOOO" and that's about it. Then wannabe porn stars dyke it out. Same formula, different places. Cancun! Miami! On a Bus! Apparently there is a site "Guys Gone Wild" which is the same thing except there are hot guys flashing their abs, asses and cocks. There are even some guys that will jerk off on camera.

Well, a few weeks ago most Division 1 schools were on Spring Break. My alma mater included. I am putting together a scholarship for a friend of mine that passed away back in November and had a meeting with some other alumni as well as my fraternity's current E-Board. We asked about Spring break over lunch and heard some hilarious stories.

Apparently, one of the pledges was down in Cancun and was offered $100 to jerk off for Guys Gone Wild. He's kinda built too so I am thinking that it's gotta be a hot video. I just don't know if I would go out of my way and try to find it.

If I had a membership to Gay Torrents then maybe... (HINT HINT... I would like an invite to the torrents site)


  1. doesn't gay torrents.net have open registration?

  2. You don't need a invite, you just "apply" and after a day you get approved!

  3. Share the pics here when you get them. ;)