Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to New York

When I make trips to NYC I get very happy. Not in a boner kinda way (well, sometimes) but in a "I love this City" way.

Saturday I treked into the city to hang out and work with my friend Phil. He is a fraternity brother of mine who is really into writing and just being creative. We have been talking about putting some kind of project together for a while and we met this past Saturday to write and come up with something.

It felt great to be in a creative space and just write. He works out of an office in SoHo and his boss lent us the space to be creative.

I keep saying it but it felt awesome. I also really miss New York.

That night we started on the East Side where my little sister was bartending and after a few hours there I made my way to Hells Kitchen where Billy was supposed to be out but he turned in early. I hope there is a juicy story there...

Either way, my friend Phil, who is straight, came with me and had a good time hanging with me.

It was sad leaving after lunch on Sunday but it was worth it.

I have some things coming down the pipe that could lead to something back in NY. Who knows the way everything is working out with the economy.

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