Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Holy Fuck it's August

I gave Billy a bunch of shit when he fell off the face of the earth and now I have done it to all of you. BLEH!

Well, I have been really busy as of late. I started my new shift at work. I get in at 5am. It's not terrible and I am still adjusting to new sleeping times. I am up at 3:45 and pretty much out the door a little past 4am. I don't understand how these strange hours just follow me around in my career, but I adapt very well to new situations.

My new shift has me going to 3 meetings before I even see someone that I work directly with. It's exciting and I am still adjusting.

One of the best parts is getting out of work by 1 in the afternoon and being able to have time to see friends during the week.

I bought an XBox.

I had been wanting to buy one for a while now and the perfect opportunity presented itself to me. I won an award for all of my extra hard work on a certain project, well, for a certain string of days where I worked really hard on a few projects that impressed the suits. With the award came with a selection of gift cards to choose from. I talked it over and looked at the options and thought it was the perfect time to get one.

I have been playing with it like a 13 year old who just figured out... well, you know...

That's about it for now. I have more stuff brewing in my head and will be back with a regular posting schedule now.

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