Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This weekend was AWESOME. I played in a softball tournament in New York and had an amazing time. I brought my A-game not just on the field but off it as well.
First, how I played. The first day I had 3 walks and 6 singles. I was EN FUEGO! That night a few of my team mates and I went to the Eagle for an "unofficial" Tourney event. I had never been and it was interesting to say the least.

I had heard that if you aren't into the Leather and S&M scene it could be crazy. Well, We were upstairs on the roof deck and there was a porno on a plasma screen that had a 3-some with fists involved. We didn't make it through one drink and decided to leave.

We headed to GYM for a drink and turned in early to rest up for our games. We won our first and lost our second BIG TIME. I was able to meet some new people from NY and around the country while hanging out.

I took the rest of the day to nap and hang out with a few team mates and then came the closing party which was at Splash.

First off, Splash is NOT the kind of club that I like to go to on a regular basis. When there are softball/other gay athletic events held there it's great! This party was not a disappointment to me.

After a few drinks with team mates I ran into guys from a team we played. They traveled to NY and beat us both times we played them in the tourney, but it was so fun to play against them.

One of their players and I started talking and really clicked. He bought me a few drinks and then asked me what kind of shot I wanted. Of course it was jager.

Over the course of the rest of the night he asked me if I had a boyfriend. I told him no and he asked me why I was single… I really hate that question.

He told me that if he lived in NY that he would date me. UGH….

The rest of the night was fun and filled with drinks. We ended up at Cafeteria later on and that was fun! We ordered some food and talked some more and starred at each other. He is awesome.

We got back to my buddies apartment and passed out together.

Since then we have been texting back and forth, but he lives far away.

Why do I meet guys that I am really into that don’t live around me????


  1. maybe because of the unavailability factor? We switched places for the weekend, I was in New Haven, CT. Not a gay person in sight :)

  2. because your a cocky arrogant son of a bitch and u cant get to know some on in 16 hours. Let the guy u meet get to know you like the ny guys do and all you do is talk about yourself and thats why they leave

  3. Ass- I know you can't get to know someone in 16 hours. I still had a fun time with him. Yeah it sucks that he lives far away but so is life.

    Tell me how you really feel... I am a cocky and "arrogant son of a bitch"

    You seem to "know me" and I have a feeling I know who you are

    Just for the record David, I was the one who didn't want to go on with a relationship... you did not "leave me"

  4. heebus jeebus, passive aggressive comments on exes blogs? come now.

  5. No, JP, you're not a "cocky, arrogant SOB." Your freakin' lucky as hell (perhaps deservedly so; we haven't met) and don't realize it. I think you are perfectly normal for your age. But fear not, you will grow out of your present age soon enough and be perfectly normal in your next age. Life actually gets better with age.
    I, too, find myself meeting fantastic guyz who live far away. I have an awful time meeting "datable" guyz here at home.
    I hope we'll meet some day.

  6. david well you are so far off i dont even know a david

  7. Actually, JP, you ARE cocky and I love you for it! Haha, take care bud.