Thursday, May 1, 2008


These last two days I have had off because of a weird blip in my schedule. No big deal. I spent most of the two days peeling wallpaper off the walls in my old/new room. I have found some gems from my past that brought back a lot of fun memories.

One of my favorite things to do while living here is walking around the neighborhood. I am so lucky to have grown uup in a nice neighborhood where I rode my bikes with neighbors, played pick up football and hiked in the woods for hours on end. I would pretend I was a knight on a mission, or a wizard even Indiana Jones. I just always had something to pretend about.

Now that I am "living here" I have my old jogging route to get re-equainted with. It's also the same route that I would sneek out and walk late at night when I needed to think about stuff.

Tonight I walked and talked on the phone and it felt good to do so. I had great conversation and just walked around talking.

At one point I stopped and looked at the wide open sky and saw the Big Dipper... I really want to take an astronomy class this summer.

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