Thursday, January 17, 2008

Work Crush

So last night, as the night wore on, I had to coordinate with a producer in the field to get video back here to Connecticut. No Problem. I asked my boss to assign me a Production Assistant so I could keep him in the loop about what was going on... when my boss said his name my heart skipped a beat... it was work crush.

I called to talk to him about what was happening and what he needed to do and he was on board. His voice sounded sure of himself that he could handle it, confident. There was also something there I could not peg. I don't know what it was.

I had to e-mail him some information as well and as I wrote out the info, I had to ask some form of question. So I decided to write, "Thanks for all the help. How are you liking working here?"

I sent it and thought to myself... WHY DID YOU DO THAT!

10 minutes go by and while he is waiting to get started he respond back telling me about himself. We e-mailed back and forth throughout the night. It was a great night. I may or may not have had a naughty dream about him last night...

SIGH... work crushes are always fun!


  1. Work crushes are Fun!
    Although also they can end up being frustrating at times.

  2. You detected something in his voice, eh? Was it as if he was thinking, "Oh my God! I'm talking to my work crush, JP!!"

    Nothing Golden Stays

  3. Naughty dreams about work crushes, oh my!