Monday, January 28, 2008



“Ahhh, JP. Seems it wasn't long ago that you were happy as a pig in shit about how lucky and fortunate your recent life has been. Maybe you need to backtrack a little and re-read that post. Sorry I'm not able to muster a little more sympathy for you.....because you are a damn lucky bastard!”

I want to thank Icon for the comment and wanted to clarify my feelings a little better. When I wrote that post I was feeling pretty shitty about getting dumped for a date. Dating life has been pretty awful as of late.

That doesn’t really matter because I am focusing on ME! I have lost 9lbs so far since January 1st and my workouts are getting HARDCORE with a free trainer and nutritionist here at work.

I am a lucky bastard, I know that.

Thank you Icon… I know I am lucky!

Go Giants!

Go Me!


  1. things will turn, man you always have the good luck with them boys. hang in there. have a good week.

  2. I wish i had a free trainer....lucky bastard!

  3. everyone has bad days and venting is ok. we still love you.