Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Being Blunt

After work last night I did some blog writing, wrote in my personal journal and idea book for a few hours. It's been great to get a bunch of ideas down on paper and write some stuff out that has been in my head.

I had been writing part of a blog and saw that "D" was online. This was a guy from CT, studing to be a Doctor, and I hadn't talked to him since seeing a movie with him a few weeks ago. I decided to just be blunt and say hello and tell him what was on my mind. It was a good idea.

It was frustrating saying hi to someone who had not said hi, returned texts in weeks after having constant IMs and text messages. I knew that it really wouldn't work out with where I live and the hours I work.

The way he left it was "On my end, I have different wants and needs... I am always down to hang out, but as friends."

Grrr...It's frustrating, but life. Billy has been dating here and there and navigating the dating world is pretty much a second full time job for those who are looking. JR had a date that went very well with a REALLY cute guy and it's about time he got his ass out there and went on a date.

Pretty much, at this point in life, as much as I want a boyfriend, as lonely as I feel at times, I know that right now, with my hours it's near impossible to try and make something work. Who knows what will happen. I am focusing on ME right now.


  1. dating is definitely a part time job.

    and the pay...dont get me started!

  2. Hey Guy hang in there, its not easy but you'll make it

  3. I have a number of friends who are professional pilots. Terrible work schedules! Impossible to date. I can't imagine why anyone wants to fly those things for a living.