Thursday, November 8, 2007

Gay NHL player??

Thanks to Towleroad for pointing this story out. Toronto Maple Leaf winger Jiri Tlusty is caught in a "scandal" so to speak. It seems that Jiri was out celebrating a birthday and was photographed licking a friend of his. If any of you have hung out with Hockey players (or Rugby players for that matter) you would know that they are a very homoerotic bunch. The Canadian Tabloids have made a big deal out of this asking him if he was gay, to which he said, "I am not gay or bi nothing."

I have always been a big NHL fan and played the game for 7 years of my life. I miss playing sports as much as I did when I was younger.

Anyway, the story won't go away up north because of some naked cell phone pics that have popped up on the internet.


AHH naked NHL players. Naked teenage NHL players. Enjoy.


  1. um, we have Canadian tabloids??? What are they called, 'Eh Weekly"! (That is also my subtle way of saying, this is the first I've heard of this story, then again I don't work in sports!)

    Also, it is a shame he plays for the Leafs, (go Habs!!!).

  2. I guess they removed the NSFW version because when I tried to view it, it's not showing up.

  3. NSFW: is that New South Wales Freedom paper? - oh no that would be NSWF :( Steve (