Friday, November 16, 2007


This week at the Gym has been great. Although, I missed two days this week due to moving into the condo, I am making them up today and Saturday. I'm working this weekend because I switched my shift with someone on Sunday so I could go to the Giants game. So I have to work the weekend, even though I have tonight off. I will be hanging with my friend Lisa and then meeting my roomie for some fun out somewhere.

I am pretty much settled here in CT and into the groove of working and have turned my attentions to the guys I have been crushing on. I have time to focus on them now, which is great and lets my mind relax and absorb the hotness of them all.

I can admit that I have a membership in a certain website that is meant for hooking up. We all have a weakness. I have been using it to check out the guys in the area and see what kind of guys are out there and have not met anyone from it here in CT. I swear.

I was on a few days ago and on my "buddy list" popped up a guy that I recognized as a guy I used to see out in Hells Kitchen all the time. He is always looking like he is having a good time, really good looking and the time I went to talk to him I was stumbling over my words.

I usually don't get that way, but I did.

Thew two guys at work that I have been crushing on are doing well. Ethan has been busy and stopped by the desk a few times for only work related stuff. Josh on the otherhand has been working an earlier shift than usual. While I am heading into the gym he is on his way out for the day. He stopped and said hello as I was walking in. We talked briefly and then moved on.

Crushes are so much fun. Looking back at my crush in Hells Kitchen, I should have got my act together and done something about it sooner.

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  1. Pretty interesting day you had there,mate..Happy crushin~

    jon raphael!