Friday, September 28, 2007

Last Day in NYC

Well... it's my last day here in NYC. I've lived in NYC for 2.5 years and loved the experience. It took me a while to adjust to living here. But, now I know I will miss being here in NYC.

My last couple of nights have been fun. Wednesday night I went to Vlada to see a friend of mine who bartends/waits tables there. I walked in and talked to him down at the end of the bar. We talked almost all night and I pretty much drank for free. We had great conversation and loved talking to him. He is very cute and really my type.

He's about 5'8" swimmers build, very toned with a nice chest and arms, buzzed brown hair and brown eyes. He is one of the reasons why Vlada is one of my favorite bars to go to.

After he was done with his shift he headed home, I said my goodbye and told him I would be back on friday night to Celebrate. I went down the street to Posh for one last time and met a two cute guys. They may or may not have been a tripple kiss going on at one point but it starts getting fuzzy.

What I do remember is walking out the door with the two guys to "talk" and one of them, a cute Brazilian guy asking where the three of us were going to go...

WOW... one of my last nights in NYC and I am being asked to be in a threesome. I couldn't see straight and wasn't really feeling the threesome thing. We all exchanged numbers and headed home...

Last night was fun. I had drinks and dinner with Cooper and Billy... I also got to meet someone I have been trying to meet up with for a long time. His name is Ryan and is such a sweetheart. Ryan is from Alaska but lives here in NYC with his boyfriend. He works in publishing and we have been trying to meet up since he got back into NYC. We met at Vlada and Cooper and Billy came later. It ended up being fun hanging out with all three of them.

A BIG thank you to Ryan who had to leave and meet his boyfriend for dinner. Before he left, he opened his bag and took out two books. One was on the Ecconomics of Baseball and the other is a Spy novel.

"I remember reading you like spy novels." he said. I was so very thoughtful!

Tonight I have a party with some people from work and will end up at Vlada for my going away bash. The movers show up at 9am tomorrow. UGH... I am kind of ready.


  1. Sounds like you had a great week thus far. I'm sure you will miss NYC, but at least you're not going to be that far from it. Oh, and remember, when I am in town, you are contractually obligated to show me around (read the fine print), haha. Have fun tonight JP!

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