Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I am moving. It's crazy to think that this came on so fast! Thank you to everyone sending the congratulations! Cooper and Billy want to throw me a goodbye party and anyone around the NYC area that wants to come will be invited... I know it will be a good time no matter what...

Now I have the final few weeks here at work, at night, to train someone to take over for me. I have been communicating with my new boss and she has already sent me reading material such as a "Welcome" manual and a few scripts. Yes, scripts were FedEx'ed to me... I am getting very excited about this as the days go on!

I have a place to live for at least a month! While I was out in Vegas, I met two guys, both nammed Chris who are in my fraternity that live in Burbank... They have a place for me to crash and won't take any money for it! I will of course get them drunk when I get out there and force them to take my money... but I am just very happy that I have some fraternity brothers who I barely know willing to help me out! Anyway... I am off from work now and heading home soon.

I have to start packing... and thinking of a new name for the blog... all names are welcome... prize to the winner!


  1. Enjoy packing! How about ThreeHoursEarly.

  2. Going with the theme of travel... Delay In LA.

    It can be taken so many ways (most of them dirty).

  3. Congratulations! That's super!

    My title suggestion: "On A Clear Day, You Can See...About A Mile."

    (It's true - even from the Getty.)

  4. @ Matt: Shouldn't it be ThreeHoursLate? (I should get the prize if you pick it, JP!! haha)

    Dude, congrats on the job, but condolences for having to leave NY for LA. Heh. I kid, I kid.

    I can't wait for you to come out here, start blogging about all your hook-ups and made the rest of us west coast bloggers look bad.

    Nothing Golden Stays

  5. Overnight in LA works for me. Keeps the same familiarity of your current blog.

    Good luck in your packing!

  6. keep the name - even if you dont move, you can always take e an overnight flight to NY!