Monday, August 13, 2007


Well, I am back at work here in New York. I am spending the “night” at my parents place in Connecticut because my apartment has no power for today. Sucks right? I dropped my stuff off today and came to work and now I will be heading back to Connecticut to sleep and coming back to work and I hope that when I get back in my power is back on…

An, how out of it was my first Vegas post? I spent some time at my parents place this weekend relaxing and sleeping. I needed it because I partied HARD in Vegas and really miss it…. I couldn’t live there but I know that I have a great time there with friends.

Alex and I are still texting and emailing each other daily. I plan on heading to Chicago in December for the Giants/Bears game and he wants to come see me… Justin better be ready as well… oh yeah and Micifus… no many ChiTown Hotties!!!


  1. Can't wait to hang out man. Hopefully you'll bring Alex along...

    Go Bears!

  2. I'm not sure if Chicago is ready for JP but I'm sure Justin will show you a good time while you're here since he's such a great guy.