Wednesday, July 11, 2007


A few nights ago I had my first dream that involved a fellow blogger, JR. He had IMed me after he left his first comment and we have been talking pretty much everyday since. We have similar jobs, and get along pretty well over AIM. Anyway, he was in my dream and I found it fun.

I was outside of an arena and it felt like a concert had just got out and my friends and I were heading back to a hotel to change and JR was one of the guys that needed a ride back to the hotel as well. He pretended not to know me but once we all got to the bar he was smiles and fun. That's all I really remember. There was no naked fun time.... YET.


I called Gino today because I did not hear from him at all this week so far. While Cooper has been talking to the guy he met this weekend, I am facing the hard reality that all this guy wanted to do was have sex.

I am also in a big "FATE" mode lately. Running into him in SoHo was random, but could it have been part of a predestined plan? Who knows. I think I may be going on hiatus like Cooper has.

The one guy that does call is Carlos. We were supposed to go and get dinner tonight but he isn't feeling well and didn't sleep much last night so he wants to do it later this week or this weekend.


  1. FINALLY! There's a guy out in the world who's dreaming about me.

    Nothing Golden Stays

  2. Don't worry JP you're not the only one dreaming of JR. I'm kind of becoming his internet stalker!!

    Just kidding...only living vicariously through all of you young closeted/coming out guys. I just relate to JR better since we grew up in the same area of the country and now both live in SOCAL. Anyway, love the blog and that your able to update more frequently and enjoy all the other blogs by your young closeted readers.


  3. one J is dreaming about the other J. I kinda feel left out. I am after all a J myself.

  4. drop Gino like the piece of crap he is. Even if the sex is good, how good it be for your emotions in the long run?