Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oceanside Pool Party

I had a VERY exciting weekend that had me travel back to Connecticut and hang out with a bunch of Cooper's friends at a Pool Party. But first Friday night was very fun. Friday was really long because my sister came into town and wanted to get lunch.

She is going to grad school and was meeting her supervisor for her internship. We got lunch and her roomie from college came by too. I walked up to the park, after I dropped her off at Gran Central. The park was so nice... and there was some eye candy out but mostly tourists. Friday night I met up with Cooper and my friend Irish Mike at Vlada for Happy Hour/Drinks with my favorite bartender Shawn. He was working a party upstairs and we had a delicous waiter nammed Zach.

I ended up getting Shawns phone number, even though he has a boyfriend but that's what this weekend was all about... guys who have boyfriends that I am attracted to.

Saturday morning I woke up with a bad headache. But somehow was able to pack an overnight bag and get down to Grand Central to meet up with Cooper to head to the pool party. We took Metro North to New Haven, rented a car and got up to West hartford as the party was just starting. There was already a good crowd there.

Cooper has some AMAZING looking friends up in CT. There was eye candy all around. At first I was just hanging out talking to random people as Cooper caught up with his friends, but after I got to know some people and got to talking, and playing flip cup, it was VERY FUN.

I behaved myself this weekend. I do have to admit that I did, kinda sorta end up skinny dipping with about 12 other guys. But that was after a LOT of flip cup and it was already dark.
Do you remember the theme of the Weekend? Yes, guys that have boyfriends. Well, I met a guy that has a boyfriend and we started talking about random stuff and we got along great. The conversation was flowing and we have a bunch f stuff in common. We sat on the deck and watched the sun set as his boyfriend was getting drunk in the pool with everyone else. We exchanged numbers and e-mails at the end of the night and have had a few texts go back and forth.

Now, I am not one for breaking up relationships for my own gain. It's not how I roll. By reading the blog you know that it's not in my character to do so. This couple, however, has an open relationship. I learned this at Brunch today.

I was really attracted to this guy. He and I were both naked in the pool together, ;-)
He is a really cool guy, both love the same vacation spot, and got along. He lives in CT and I am here in NYC. I am sure nothing will come of it but I do have to say, I was quite smitten with him.
LinkBrunch was really good this morning. Cooper and 4 of his CT friends came along to this bar called The Half Door in Hartford. I never suspected that a bar would have such a good brunch offering but they did. Cooper and I slept almost the entire way back to NYC on the train.

I can't wait for the next pool party which is at the end of August... SO MUCH FUN.

Big Thanks to Cooper's friends who provided the pictures. You can check out more pictures at Coopers Blog... HERE.


  1. Wow, looks/sounds like you had an amazing weekend. Nothing better a pool stocked with hot guys...

  2. So I have to ask, what is flip cup? I figure it's a drinking game of sorts?

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend, thanks for the eye candy ;)

  4. some of those boys are YUMMY! See, that's an excellent example of why I find the east coast to be a big giant waste. In California, you would get to see that kind of thing 10 months out of the year. In New England? 2 or 3. What a horrible waste for that hot boy in the kitchen with the sunglasses to be covered up for 9 months out of the year? That's just SAD! You should keep interviewing and move out here!

  5. guy in the green hat is hot man.
    in the pool with nothing on huh? and you were just talking??? sure we're getting all of the story my friend? ha ha
    glad you had a great weekened, heck yeah I bet you're ready for the next pool party ...later.

  6. Is it wrong for me to go to a pool party wearing clothing head-to-toe?