Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Date Night

I had a date last night. It went really well too. Justin and I got into a conversation a few nights ago about how we are at similar points in our lives as wanting someone to go to get a beer with, hang out and have dinner with, ect. I mean who doesn't want this?

Anyway, my date last night was with a guy nammed Erik. He and I have met and hung out before. We had met online and hung out for a night and I spent the night at his place. After that there was no communication between us, except a myspace friendship. About a month ago, I saw that he had become friends with a friend of mine and he came back into my life. We started IMing and sending text messages together. They started getting flirty.

We have been trying to figure out whento get back together and hang out. He bluntly asked me on Monday night what I was looking for with, "Are you looking for just a hook up?"

I said no and explained what I was looking for. He was excited and said lets meet tomorrow.

I met him down near where he works. He works in the media industry and is a pretty cool guy to hang with. While I was waiting for him I waited in a bookstore, looking at all the titles people have suggested to me, including the Bourne series. We walked out of the store, both hungry and went to dinner.

We had great conversation. We discussed our mutual friend that got us talking again. After dinner we sat there, and talked while he finished his beer. We talked about a bunch of topics including our first times (we were both very young) and his ex boyfriend. We then walked down to Vlada for a drink and visted my favorite bartender there. He had a concert he had to go to and he asked me to walk with him there. It was nice out so I said yes.

On our way down we stopped at a Duane Reade and while waiting in line a guy in front of us chatted us up. It was funny conversation and he asked us if we were on a date...

Erik looked at me and said "yes" and smiled. It was cute. We both complimented eachother on how good eachother looked and when I dropped him off at the Garden he said he wanted to do it again sometime soon.

So, overall, it was pretty exciting. A good night for me and we will see where this one goes...


  1. Sweetness! Hope you crazy kids have some good times.

    And Icon, Duane Reade is a ubiquitous NYC drug store chain with the least helpful employees known to man and the most confusedly laid out stores ever. If you go to Manhattan, you'll see three for every Starbucks you pass. Ha ha ha.

    Nothing Golden Stays

  2. all right! that bastard had better call you SOON, seriouly!! ha ha
    man, sounds like an awesome time, I can only imagine how romantic a walk in NYC in the summer at night.... ahhhh. come on, he's in the media business ---- you're in the media business..... ahh well, look forward to hearing more.