Thursday, June 7, 2007

Today is gunna be the day...

Today was a strange day for me, sleep wise. I came home from work and fell asleep right away because I was supposed to meet up with Tony for some lunch and margaritas. He wasn't feeling up to it so I fell back asleep after a 2 hour nap and woke back up around 3pm and had the rest of my day.

I should have went to the gym but didn't. It's June and I really haven't done much to improve my work ethic. It's something I need to work on because I have been just out right lazy. I did some random chores around my apartment and headed down to the West Village to meet up with Tony and a friend of his from Brooklyn. They met over the weekend and have been hanging out since and he seems like a nice guy.

Tony seems to know everyone. He has an infectious personality and you can't help but want to be around him all the time. It does help that he is a good looking guy, with boyish good looks and a killer smile. He is going to make a guy (or girl) very happy one day. He's smart, Witty, charismatic and creative. This is what helps Tony make friends no matter where he goes. He knows someone EVERYWHERE. No matter what, Tony will know the owner of a bar or restaurant, bouncer, bartender or DJ working the booth. While he is living in Brooklyn he has been going out at night meeting new people and I just wish I had the time to do that with him. I only get out to places on the weekends.

I realize that I am lucky to live in the largest city in the US that also has a great Gay Culture and nightlife. I am also lucky to have a job in television that pays okay but the hours aren't that great. There aren't many jobs available right now. NBC is cutting back... CBS is on the fall... the cable networks who knows... it's just one of those rough spots everyone hits.

I have also realized that I pride myself on being a "non-stereotypical" gay man. Some guys I have talked to say that I am "repressing my inner queen" and need to let it loose. To them I say I grew up playing football (for 10 years), baseball, hockey, tennis, golf, rec basketball and others. I also follow pro sports closely. Instead of smoking meth I am smoking guys in fantasy football. Fantasy Baseball... not so much (said in Borat voice)

After dinner, we parted ways and I headed uptown. I almost stopped at Vlada to grab a drink and see if there was anyone worth meeting or talking to. I decided against it because I didn't NEED another drink and didn't want to be drunk at work. I decided to get off at 59th Street-Columbus Circle and hang out in Columbus Circle.

They recently gave CC a face lift after the Time Warner Building opened. I walked into the circle and there is a monument in the middle to Columbus and benches around the monument. On the outside there are these fountains that fall into a reflecting pool. I sat down on one of the benches and took out my notebook and started writing. I had a little over an hour.

Columbus Circle is a cool place. Sitting on the bench I looked out into Central Park. There were a few straight couples with their backs to me looking into the water and kissing every once and a while, enjoying the cool June night. I usually scribble ideas of what I want to write about into a notebook or work on the short stories/screen plays I have in my head. I took it out and most of this blog post was conceived there. There were some cute guys hanging out there as well. A cute blond, must have been about 24-25 years old reading something on his blackberry. I took a seat near him on the bench and started to write. Looked like something was bothering him. We made eye contact a few times.

He got a call and got up and walked around for a bit. I was concentrating on what I was thinking about, relaxing and thinking about a whole bunch of stuff. It was so calm, the water was so soothing.

I decided that I need goals. Better goals in life and want to make a list. I haven't done that in so long and decided tonight that it was a great time to start. By Sunday, you will have a list of long and short term goals. I am determined to make this work for myself and set out on a path that will help me find myself as more than a young, television drone and get back to what I thought i was going to be as a teenager.


  1. JP it sounds like you are doing just fine. You are just getting started in the greatest city in the world. Soak it in. Don't feel like you are behind anyone else. Stay focused, figure out the steps you need to take, and you will get there. Only the strong willed truly survive in New York, and you will kill it.

  2. the inner queen thing...I myself wouldn't even know how, I suck at even acting gay like for a joke effect. but on the other hand I can probably start singing some show tune and that's stereotypical enough. ha.
    about the goals, if you make a list include short term and long term. and make short term as soon as the next day, week, etc...
    I read on a blog that Jericho was renewed. have you heard/ is it true?