Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Thank You to everyone who sent kind words of support after the "Asshole" post yesterday. The guy is an asshole. I do know that this shift is not the definition of my life. I have had some great opportunities here on this shift. All I have to do is keep going. is my e- mail, if you have a comment or just want to say hello go for it. I love talking to my readers from all over and when guys from New York say hello, it's even better.

Today was a good day. For those who are Facebook friends with me, you saw why last night was a fun night at work. The shift I am working on now has some more free time to do other things here at work like apply for jobs and work on my writing. Tony has been sending me some short stories he has written and I really got to get off my ass and write some more.

Last night I worked on a project I have been working on since 2004. I had come up with an idea for a script and wrote some background information and it turned into 10 page short film. I wanted to expand it but whenever I would try to get into it and sit down and work, something would always come up. I would start working more bartending during school, swamped with work for school, my internship.

Last night I was able to sit down and just write out a few pages that made me pretty happy. I also went through all my notes that I have accumulated over the past year or so and organized myself and what I wanted to say and how I wanted my characters to come across. So far, I am pretty happy with the progress I made last night and think that I can get a lot more done tonight and over the next few weeks.

Who knows what it will turn into. I have some big plans for it and something else I have been working on the side. Stay positive and things will change for the better. I hope.


  1. Glad you got back to it. It might be one of the best decisions ever? who knows. Nice page btw. Just kinda surfing around randomly...