Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Blog Links, the Intern Update, Random

I have been lazy with linking to some of the blogs I read on a daily basis. Even though some of them barely update (COUGH COOPER....COUGH SLUGGER) I still check in and see what's going on!

Some of you have been asking me for an update on the Intern... so here it is. He sent me a text message over the weekend saying he couldn't make it in... that was okay because I had a LOT going on this weekend.
As soon as he got in tonight he came into my room and rubbed my shoulders. SIGH... he is wearing a tight AF grey polo shirt that shows off his body. He wanted to make sure that I came and got him before I went to get food from the catering table. He has been asking me about what he should do with a female intern that is working in our department. He asks me and then smiles waiting for my responce. SIGH
He wants to hang out this weekend, but I am sure I will be busy celebrating NYC Pride, it's my first. I am sure I will be low key...
I was sitting here at work and decided to see who links to me... and a website that I LOVE reading wrote something about me and I didn't even know it. Entertainment Lawyer, serves up some pictures and Blind Items about celebrities and it's a guilty pleasure of mine.
"These three blogs are wildly different from each other and really have a tenuous connection to the gossip world. The thing that makes them great is they all link to my blog. No, but that is how I discovered them. They are all well written and will entertain you and keep you busy at work and beyond. Give them a read

OVERNIGHTNY: The first blog is written by a gay man in NYC who documents his struggle to find a good job in the entertainment industry and to find a man he can love. Deeply personal and also filled with lots of shirtless men for you ladies and gentleman who prefer that type of thing"
I do try to peek certain people's interest with shirtless cute boys. I mean why not, right?
I may need some advice soon regarding someone I met here at work through company softball. Stay tuned for more on that.


  1. aw- intern likes you!
    can't wait to come back for my first pride as well!
    oh and i tagged you in my last post :-P

  2. "He has been asking me about what he should do with a female intern that is working in our department"

    Why would he ask you this, and then rubs your shoulders. I am confused??

  3. Tell him to stop rubbing your shoulders and to rub something else!

    Any who, you post the best shirtless pics of guys in the blogosphere!

  4. Ah shit Jeff - I tagged JP too. Well, know he has no choice in the matter.

    Thanks for the link JP - it's about fucking time (j/k bro').