Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I have been out of the loop here lately. Work has been getting to me, as usual. Nothing really to fill you guys in on besides an asshole here in New York.

Why do I call this guy an asshole? We met and have been talking for the past few weeks. I have even mentioned him on the blog. We got into a conversation about the weekend and I brought up how pissed I was that I had to head to work at 10ish that night. Point blank he says, “Yeah, you couldn’t be my boyfriend with those hours.”

I was kinda shocked that it came out like that. I ended the conversation right then and there. Didn’t even want to argue with him because I know that in my mind, if someone’s career has him working weird hours and you can’t handle it, they aren’t strong enough for a relationship. The talk of a relationship never really came up, we had hung out a few times and enjoyed each others company.

It is just hard working these hours, being away from friends and not having much of a social life during the week, or the time to see people you care about, friends or otherwise. It’s just made me more determined to get my ass into gear and get off this shift and work somewhere else. Even if that means moving to the suburbs.


  1. Don't let one asshole ruin it for everybody!!!

    Here is hoping the job-hunt goes well.

  2. Well relationships are about being flexible, he will never find anyone with an attitude like that.