Thursday, May 10, 2007


I am having a good time. You may be thinking, "Why is JP online updating the blog? Shouldn't he be doing somthing like making out with some hot guy at a bar?" Well, JP is still feeling sick as a dog. Flying didn't make me feel any better.

I am on all kinds of different cold meds, including Mucinex to get rid of my chest congestion. I am having a good time. I saw a friend of mine who is a working actor out here He has a place in Santa Monica and it was nice to get down to the beach, walk and hang out. We went from there to his new place up in the Hollywood Hills. It is the GREATEST bacheor pad a guy could want living in LA. He has a girlfriend who is a working actress so it's not a bachelor pad in theory but still very cool. The house in the Hills is pretty sweet. He has plasma screens everywhere... 3 bedrooms and a really nice yard with a lagoon style pool. I was very jealous.

He is closing on the house now and should be able to move in soon. Until then he is still in Santa Monica. I left him with his girlfriend and met up with my friend Michele who lives off of Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood. For those who don't know, West Hollywood (WeHo) is a big gay area of LA. Her neighborhood is really nice and has a cute apartment.

I am trying to take it easy while I am out here which sucks because I really wanted to go out and party while I was here. I hope that with all the cold meds I am taking I will feel better to go out either Friday or Saturday night in WeHo.

Anyone with ideas on what to do to make myself feel better, please let me know. I am willing to try and do anything.


  1. French Onion Soup from Doughboy's on 3rd at LaJolla. It's soooo good it's got to cure something!!!


  2. Find a good hot steamroom. Take some eucalyptus (or Vicks Vep-o-Rub if you can't find eucalyptus) and place it on a towel in the steam jet. (Ask the other patrons if it's okay with them first.) Breathe deeply as long as you can stand it.

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