Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hidden Palms

Hidden Palms sounds more like a porno than a new television show on The CW, but it premieres tonight. I was reading a review in the NY Post and was intrigued. As I do everyday here at work, I logged onto tv.yahoo.com and The CW had the pilot right up there on the front page.

It’s from Kevin Williamson who created Dawson’s Creek. I remember when Dawson’s first came out I was really into the show. I would go over to the twins house and watch it with them in their basement. In college, we would have Dawson’s nights on Tuesdays and my favorite character was of course, Jack McPhee.

The show has this Dawson’s Creek / The OC feel to it, which is what The CW was looking for. There is plenty of teen guys with their shirts off, girls in bathing suits and teeneagers trying to find themselves.

Johnny Miller, the main character, moves to Palm Springs after getting out of rehab at 16 years old. He witnesses his father killing himself in his old house in Seattle. His mother remarries and move with her new husband. Johnny meets his next door neighbor, Cliff… Greta the hot girl who used to date Eddie.

It turns out that Eddie killed himself and Johnny now lives in Eddie’s room. It’s kind of crazy that Johnny is 16 and fresh out of rehab but it shows a string male teen character staying sober even though Cliff likes to get messed up.

I am sure the Williamson will throw a gay character into the show. Somewhere down the line if this show survives.

The show got me thinking about gay characters on TV and which ones I loved the most. Here is my list:

1. Jack McPhee – Dawson's Creek – THE WB

I remember when Jack came out when he was forced to read his poem to the class. Pacey defends him and shows that he is a true friend. According to Williamson, he intended for Dawson to come out of the closet, but Jack’s character did.

I identified with Jack so much. Only two friends of mine knew that I was “bi” at the time and it was great seeing another teen going through a lot of what I was going through. Jack, like me, also played football.

What got me down was the Kerr Smith did not like playing the gay character. He would only do so many “gay kisses” during the season. His story line as far as boyfriends and such were very limited. Still, a gay high school football player who goes on to college was someone that I looked up to.
2. Thad Guerwitcz – Playmakers - ESPN

Thad Guerwitcz was the tight end in the short lived ESPN “soap for men” Playmakers. Like Jack, Guerwitcz was not intended to be gay. They approached the actor, Dan Petronijevic, and he was all for playing a closeted player. The show explored what it was like for a closeted player who had a boyfriend and kept a girlfriend so no one would suspect.

I had loved the series anyway because I am a big football junkie and the show was well done. The NFL complained that the show gave its players and league a bad name. Not because of the gay story line, but because of drug abuse, domestic abuse and dark image it gave the league.

Thad ended up being forced out of the closet by his former boyfriend showing up to practice and calling him out. Guerwitcz comes out to his team officially in the locker room after he was told that he would be placed on the disabled list. After he comes out, he is told he was the only player selected to the All Star Game.


  1. I really like that show "Playmakers", and I thought the gay character was well written. I'm sure there's at least a few gay NFL players that thought so too...

  2. I could imagine what it would be like to come out to my team. I bet it wouldn't go over well. Being gay and playing football is hard. I have just one more year left. I will miss it but I'm ready to move on. I can't do both and I would rather be out during college then playing football.

  3. Loved Jack's character too!

    Its funny, I came out at the same time he did on the show. My friends and I use to love watching it. I actually used it to come out to a ton of them.

    Sigh...those were the days lol

  4. I live in Palm Springs...they did a few days of filming for Hidden Palms, but most of it is filmed in Phoenix because its cheaper. Cute guys on the show tho.

    stop by and say hi sometime

  5. great posts, love to hear other guys are watching that stuff. ha

  6. Hidden Palms point... I've watched several episodes and didn't find it interesting.

    At least they have young kids (not 30-year-olds) playing young kids, though.