Friday, April 13, 2007


What an amazing day 1...

I will keep it short because I am heading out to the Magic Kingdom today. Yesterday, got off the plane, in the rental car and checked into my hotel. My buddy and old roommate Erik called and came over to the hotel.

No, not like that. We headed over to Universal Studios and decided to hit up some rides. He works for Universal down here so he got in for free and gave me a comp ticket. $0 is a lot of fun to pay for a theme park. We hit every major ride at Universal without waiting in a line longer than 15 minutes. Dueling Dragons and the Hulk are amazing rides. Spider Man is also pretty sweet. The way Island of Adventure is set it is so cool.

Anyway, we talked a lot in the park walking around about what has been going on. he asked me if I had anyone in my life, blah blah blah...

He had to go pick up his girlfriend from work so we got out of the park and I headed to take a nap. I woke up, took a shower and headed to see them at this place called Howl at the Moon. It's a piano bar kindaplace where the players can play any song.Plus there is a live band with participation from the audience. Anyway... Erik had a bunch of his friends there and all of them were cute. I flirted with a bartender who was really cute and flirted with this guy nammed Jesse.

He is a red head, which I LOVE. He was talking about his girlfriend being a bitch, blah blah blah. He asked me which girl i wanted to bang in the bar. I told him none. He asked why, I looked at him and said, "I'm Gay." He replied... "I'm gay after a few drinks." and smiled.

I yelled... iM BUYING JAGER SHOTS.... We did them of course... then the beer pong tournement started...

I said long story short right? It was about 1am and Jesse and I headed outside for something, but we ended up making out for about 45 minutes outside. He wanted my number really bad and is calling me when he gets out of work at 3pm.


  1. Always got men all over you! Glad to see you're having a blast down there JP.

  2. WOW and that was just the first day, thats awesome.

  3. how amazing is that!?! #1...i usually don't have the balls to tell a complete stranger i'm gay's your luck that he's a switch hitter! you're battin 1000 today, jp!

  4. man that's aweomse. you are the make out king! I love that line, I'm gay - I'm gay after 2 drinks. jager shots! ha ha
    so cool, i hope you have a contd great time down there. relax and enjoy! ah yeah! later.

  5. ps, I would love to know what reason it was that you came up with and went outside for... had to be nothing more than getting you guys alone. sweet.

  6. LOL that is hilarious, my friend is always trying to get me to go to that bar, did not know it was that gay friendly hahaha.