Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wake Up and....

Today I woke up and had the urge to vomit. Not exactly what you want to feel when you open your eyes. Wrong side of the bed… more like I only have one side of the bed to get up from.

I got in the shower, debated on calling out of work and decided that I had to go in and prove myself. Looking back I was crazy to come in. I am feeling nauseous and I am all stuffy.

I walked out on to my stoop and had a choice. Go left and catch the Express train a few blocks away OR go right and catch a local train. Both subway stations are the same distance away walking. I debated in my mind and decided to go to the express train and stop at a drug store to get something to make me fell better.

I walk into the subway station and it smells like burnt rubber. It’s a little smoky. I walk to the station agent window and tell her that there is smoke downstairs and it smells like burning rubber… her response, “Not my problem”.

I wait for the subway train to come and a local and express train come at the same time. I walk down the stairs, holding my breath and debate again. Express… I jump on the train and about 5 minutes into the ride we stop for 20 minutes because of a “train with problems ahead”

Just one of those days.

I had a talk yesterday with my Executive Producer about my role here on this shift. She appreciates me working 12 hour days and doing the work of a producer to help get 4 overnight shows and a morning show on the air watched by millions of people around the world. She is trying to help me, but still it’s crazy.

I am training now to be a “Predator” here at work. It’s a hybrid Producer and Editor. The senior Operations producer has taken me under his wing and teaching me how to do a lot more with Avid (a digital video editing system) and how to manage all the video that is on our servers.

I am doing the work, learning the skills, just waiting for everything to fall into place.

On a personal note, I hope all of you also read Tim’s blog. For those of you that don’t know Tim, he broke up with his girlfriend of 2 years and has started coming out to friends of his. He met this guy Aaron and things are looking really good. Even though I talk to Tim everyday, I wanted to give him a shout out on the catch!

8 hours of work left…

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  1. What a great pick up line at a bar...

    What do you do?

    I'm a predator.