Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Random Post

Looking back at the last post I realized that I had SUCH a great time this past weekend. I have fully recovered, got sleep and am ready to take on the rest of the week. I am back on my favorite shift, 3am to Noon. I like it so much because I end up with a LOT of downtime. I am also able to sleep during the afternoon, wake up around 8ish and meet up with some friends that are out at night. Plus, I am going to go out a little bit before work and try to meet some people that are out. I say that now, but who knows what will happen.

I guess a few updates for those who care:

That dude Ryan texted me back last night. I got pretty excited. Even though it was just to tell me he has been crazy busy with work and was wondering what’s up with me. Who the hell knows what’s up with that.

I have had writers block for a while. Tony finished a script and sent it to me a few weeks ago and I loved it. Don’t want anyone to steal his idea. I just need some inspiration.

With all the fun I had this weekend, and all the numbers I got, I didn’t get any birthday ass. I am a little upset about it, but over it now.

I need to hit the gym a lot more this week. Cardio = my best friend.

Hope you all have a good day!

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  1. Great Blog
    Just moved to NYC a few months ago
    i hope to keep reading