Thursday, January 4, 2007

New Job?

As all of you know, I am unhappy with the hours I am working. I have been trying to find myself a better job by applying for positions within the company. Today I saw an Assistant position that is not in New York, but in Burbank, California. I applied through the company Job site and got the standard reply back from the automated system and now I just have to wait and see if I am contacted.

What's funny is I was talking with this guy Tony and he keeps saying that I need a new job right away because I sound VERY DEPRESSED.

Everyone cross your fingers!


  1. Good Luck, JP. I hope they contact you soon. Burbank is a totally different beast than NYC. Could be a good change, though.


  2. Hey JP!

    Score! Burbank...the other area full of entertainment jobs for all these different shows and stations. G'luck!

    I'm glad you're looking around...sorry I wasn't much help on that front! :(

    We should catch up soon...Take care SB! ;)


  3. That sounds great! Good luck and keep us informed.