Tuesday, January 9, 2007


I have been a Florida Gators fan since I was young. I know, I grew up in Connecticut. When I was growing up my grandmother bought me everything Lacoste, which has an alligator on the chest. When I got older, started playing football, my grandmother started buying me Florida Gators stuff down in Palm Beach and would send it to me. I started following them and was a VERY happy camper when they beat Florida State for the 1996 National Championship

2007 and again, National Champions in Football. If there are any other Gators fans out there, get at me!


  1. Growing up in Tennessee, I was raised to hate the Gators, but I was glad to see them represent the SEC and show the Big 10 what real football is all about.


  2. Go Gators!!!
    AMAZING, simply amazing
    cheers from an ecstatic Gainesville

    The Year of the Gator is right Spurrier!

    UCLA is gator bait
    OHIO STATE is gator bait