Thursday, January 25, 2007

Blogs I read...

Thanks to Jay over at Confessions of a Bi Guy who started linking to me from his blog.
Jay is also in New York and if you haven't read his blog, you definitely have to. He has some hot readers stories and fantasies. Hot pictures of guys and girls on the site and all around is a cool guy. Also, check out his complete profile for a hot picture. Not sure if it is him, but it's a hot pic.

Guy from Chicago is also a good blog thatI check out every day. He's a really cool guy who also happens to link to me. (anyone catching a theme?)

Wills Way is a cool read and if you are a fan of hockey, check him out. He is thinking about heading to NYC soon. Anyone who reads and is heading to New York, make sure you let me know so we can make time to chill, if you are into meeting bloggers and stuff. As I wrote that, it came out awkward, but who cares, I am leaving it in.

Hamilton from moving along is a pretty cool blog. He describes himself like this, "I am 23 years old student studying at USC. I double major with Finance and Accounting. I am trying to accept myself as a gay man but having a hard time to do so. I want to blame it on my family and friends, but I guess it is me who still cannot accept the fact that I am actually gay." We have all been there.. hell I still kind of am there with some friends and my family. Check Hamilton out, his blogs is a good read.

and B from Uncut and Unadulterated, B has been lacking in posts, but is getting back into it. It also helps that he is a good looking guy and totally chill to talk to. The question on my mind is the whole "uncut" part of the title of the blog... get your minds out of the gutter all!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the links!


  1. Thanks for the shoutout, J.P. You da man!!


  2. wow, thanks for the shoutout. I read your blog very often and didn't even think you would read mine. you totally caught me by surprise bro. nice tip for the gay bar thing. I am still working on it here in LA. hehe