Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Vic is the new blog

I got an IM from my friend Vic who lives up in Boston.
Victor: so now you must check out my blog... since I've been reading yours! lol
I was excited because he left a comment and I got really excited. Victor and I have known eachother since I went to Quinnipiac. We met on a night where I was rushing my fraternity and was at a rush party.
He was in the corner with one of the brothers nammed Brian. Of course he was good looking and I caught eyes with him. I was rushing so I was trying to impress the guys and wanted a bid.
I get to talking to Brian and Vic and found out Vic went to school down the road in the town where I waited tables at an Unos. I got a little tipsy and ended up comming out to both of them.
I saw him a few more times when he was with Brian and they ended up not getting together and I lost contact with him. At the end of the semester I went to his Senior class ball with a girl I worked with.
Ever since then, we have been great friends staying in contact over IM and e-mail. I'm happy he has a blog so I can read up on his exploits in Boston. Take a look over at his blog and I need to make it to Boston soon.


  1. You rock! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. I went to your pal's blog and tried to leave a comment. It would be easier to take gold from Fort Knox.

    Having a google account I even reset my password and still it tells me I do not exist as I tried 7 times to leave a greeting.

    Interesting he has no other comments on the blog. I wonder why?