Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thanks Ryan

I would like to Thank Ryan for sending a WONDERFUL message to me about the Eagles. I saw it AFTER the Eagles won the game and even though it was sent BEFORE the game happened. It's ok though. i am not going to jump off the Brooklyn bridge. I think the George Washington Bridge is closer and higher. I have been venting my frustrations on the Giants Message boards.

The rest of my weekend was great. Went to this bar on 42nd and 2nd called McFaddens for 2 birthday parties. It was a good time. GOOD LOOKING bartenders there. All straight but still fun to look at. It's always good seeing friends from school and the random fraternity brothers that show up. Sully showed up and we were drinking a beer together talking about the coming weeks. He is graduating from the NYPD and I couldn't be happier for him.

My friends from Florida came up for the Giants game. They got to the bar at 12:15am and we drank the night away and ended up staying in a hotel near Giants Stadium. I shared a bed with the same guy I shared one with in Jacksonville. He is kinda cute. Reddish/Brown hair, kinda goofy, and born in upstate ny. I woke up at one point around 8am and we were full on spooning. It was so funny. He has a girlfriend back in Florida so nothing happened.

Tailgating was great, the game was a let down, but I had a good time with everyone.

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