Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The "Day" After

I still really haven't slept since Saturday night and here it is, Tuesday morning and I am back at work. "Santa" was very good to me this year. My mom always seems to find the right gifts that fit all of us, she has that "Santa" touch. I left work and drove home to Connecticut and made a quick stop by my grandmothers grave to say Merry Christmas and hello... then made my way home where Sister #1 was alreadya wake and drinking her 3rd cup of coffee. My father was out in the yard getting wood for the fire that was already going in the living room.

My mom made her way downstairs with Sister #2 and made a big stink about "family tradition" and that we all needed to go back upstairs and make our way down to put baby Jesus in the manger in the dining room. Well, we refused and just did the whole Baby Jesus in the manger and went into the living room.

I got some great sweaters and buttondowns for work. This wool hoodie from the Gap to wear while I am at work and I get cold. I also got a Family Feud DVD game, a couple of DVD's (24 Season 4 and 5... Pirates: Dead mans Chest... Ghostbusters Collection and wait for it... The Mighty Ducks Trilogy) Then we got our stockings from the fireplace and there is more little stuff. Underwear, Socks, a key chain a Starbucks card and a $30 movie card to AMC.

We all enjoyed opening our gifts and then my dad brought out 3 small boxes. We opened them at the same time and it was remotes... to brand new TV's. Kind of rediculous but a great pesent from my parents. My sisters presents were awesome. Sister # 1 gave me a Coach Wallet and Sister #2 gave me a Gift Card to the Gap and a Book about Lawrence taylor who played for the Giants back in the 80's and 90's.

After presents we ate brunch and I tried to lay down and sleep but my parents dogs would not let me. We headed to my cousins house to see my grandmother and the rest of my dad's side of the family. I am really close with 2 of my cousins there... the other two are just kinda strange and don't hang out with us, even though we invite them outside of family functions.

Anyway, the cousins to a "grab bag" and I ended up getting an iPillow. So awesome. I know I am blabbing on and on about the gifts I got, but I am prestty excited about them and had a GREAT time seeing family even though I really haven't slept much.

I get to work and I am chatting with Tim online and doing work that other people are too lazy to do and was reading through Towleroad.com and came across these pictures from the Boston Santa Run. Next year, I will be in great shape and want to run in it. I found this guy attractive while looking through the pics, even though he is a Red Sox fan.

Anyway, hope everyone had an amazing holiday. Thanks for the e-mails and enjoy some of these pictures.

Also... If anyone in the Boston area knows this guy let me know, he is kinda cute.


  1. Hey JP!

    Nice! You hit the motherload on the gifts! The DVDs and new TV should keep you busy (if you're awake for them that is heh)! :D And how about modeling your new hoodie for us? ;)

    Hope your evening/morning at work goes by faster than you realize!



  2. Dude, i know who the guy is ... call me lol