Thursday, December 28, 2006


Sully may be the only straight fraternity brother that reads my blog (maybe Sal still does after I left a comment on his and then deleted it) Anyway, he graduated from the NYPD Police Academy and had his first day on the job yesterday in Queens.

I am really proud of him and happy that he decided to quit his old job and join the NYPD.

I couldn't go to the graduation that was held at Madison Square Garden but I left him a voicemail and got him a little something for graduation.

Congrats Sully!


  1. Assuming, you are out to your fraternity, how did that go? I was just wondering because I am in a fraternity as well but am not out, I think if I ever chose to come out I might lose a few brothers friendships.

  2. dude, MSG 6.30, hofstra vs St Joe's and then BU vs St John's... tickets fell into my lap, but you're not around. gotta know by 4.45, or else, im just gonna give them back.

  3. Nice site, man. Its nice to see another gay ex-frat type guy who likes sports. Sorry, about your Giants finishing so poorly this year. I'm afraid Coughlin is done. Anyway, keep up the good writing. I enjoy it.