Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blogger's Fraternity

I guess you can say it started back in 2005 when Slugger told me he had a blog. I was confused. I had no clue why he had a blog and as I read on, I understood. His blog introduced me to many different blogs that I read on a daily basis.

Then I decided to start a blog after Slugger encouraged me to do it. I started by writing him emails and then I started posting. I caught the bug. Now, something that I am honored by... I got an e-mail from another NYC twenty-something guy that is straight acting and living a "double life".


He was inspired to start his blog after he found mine. I think it is awesome that he is joining the little fraternity we have in the gay blogosphere. Double Lifer, A Gay Athletes Life, I Think I might be gay, Micifus, Debriefingtheboys, and Dan in OKC are all blogs that I read that have to do with being gay, straight acting and trying to figure out who we are and sharing it with anyone and everyone that reads. We are all part of this small community that is expressing themselves and sharing stories as we mature as gay adults.

I guess I am just happy to be an inspiration to someone in to write about themselves and it's great talking to the guys that E-Mail and IM me on a daily basis. Keep the E-Mails and IM's coming.


  1. Thanks for the link JP and the comment on my site...Glad I got to talking to you! Hope you have a good rest of the morning at work! :)


  2. I agree, it's really nice that people appreciate what I (we) do, and are inspired to speak for themselves.