Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Apartment Bullshit

Work was very busy today. Just a lot of busy work to be done. I got the GREAT news that I am working Christmas Eve into Christmas Day... no big deal... THEN I saw I was working 8pm to 11am on News Years Eve into Day... that pist me off more than anything. I mean, I did not have any plans or anything (or anyone to make out with when the ball drops) it just put me in a bad mood. I did some Christmas shopping, and went to the closest subway station to head home and waited 20 minutes for a train to show up.

I get home, fire up the laptop, get ready to go hit the gym for a little bit and my bitchy roommate pops out of her bedroom. This whole apartment deal is a LONNNG story and anyway, I have to be out of my room by Feb. 1st. (My birthday is on the 3rd!)

I am just bummed because I like my apartment, but I am not on the lease and its really not the most ideal situation for me to be living in.

Anyway, I know I could go off and explain the WHOLE situation but it is so long and I guess I am just bummed out. Between not really having a Holiday season, working my ass off on strange hours and having to find a new apartment I am stressing out.

Maybe this is what I needed? I push to move out, quit my job and move to California? I just don't know what's up and I don't want to quit my job and not have one for a year and regret leaving working at a network. So much bullshit, I am eating like shit again and I am barely getting to the gym 3 days a week. UGH!!!! When will it end.


  1. Have you thought about applying for possible jobs out in California? Maybe it would not be as bad as you think. I would at least check into it and maybe you would find that you are happier there? Then again, maybe not. Sit down and make a list of the positive and negative things about staying and about going. See what you come up with.

  2. Still waiting for my hook up to get back to don't lose hope yet! And like I said I can try to pull some strings and see what I can do for ya! :D That is if you really really wanna come out to SoCal! And screw your bitchy roommate. She sucks anyways (probably in more ways than one huh? hehehe *evil grin*) Anyways...chin up JP...So what do you want for your birthday? ;)


  3. hey man, just catching up on your post, wow i hope the next day goes a lot better....everyone busy during holidays, i hear ya about finding gym time, but the boys are there, everyone is looking to have fun during the holidays serious that is always when I find the unusual hot dude visiting okc or finally getting OUT there. etc.. hang in there man. have a great night at work.later.