Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I have always been fascinated with twins. My grandmother is a twin. According to her, since twins run in the family, my sisters will probably both have twins. I don’t know how scientific that is but my grandmother is swearing by it.

In 1991 scientists Michael Bailey and Richard Pillard released a study in which they revealed that in identical male twins (who share DNA), in cases in which one identified as gay, both identified as homosexual 52 per cent of the time. When they studied fraternal twins – (share the same womb) but different DNA - 22 per cent of the time in which one twin identified as gay, both were gay. In cases involving plain-old brothers, just 5 per cent of the time if one identified as gay, both identified as gay. That evidence suggests genetics isn't everything - or 100 per cent of the time the DNA matched, sexuality would, too. But the higher rate suggests there's a biological link of some kind.

I am starting a search for Male Twin Brothers where one is gay and one is straight, both are gay, and both are straight. I am going to write an entry for the blog and see how it you guys react. I think it will be interesting to ask questions about growing up and how life is now, especially when one is gay and one is not. Send any leads my way. I would appreciate it!


  1. i have a bud in austin who is identical twin and gay, his brother is not though and married to a girl. just mentioning it.
    good posts keep it up man, sorry about the giants. let's see if OU can give it to Nebraska saturday.. ahh yeah! later.

  2. hey. wanted to email you, but the email link seems to be broken . . . any way, I'm an identical twin and I identify as gay and my twin brother is straight who is married.

    if you want to chat more feel free to email me. franklin.ramirez@mac.com