Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Joey Harrington

Cyd over at outsports.com blogged about Joey Harrington and how his gay friends “discovered” Joey over Thanksgiving. Well, I have been following Joey since he was a senior at Oregon and I saw him up on a billboard in Times Square.

As you know I am a big football fan and followed Joey’s senior year at Oregon watching a game or two but mostly seeing his highlights on College Game Day on ESPN.

For those who have NOT read about the “controversy” between Joey Harrington and Tony Siragusa basically, Siragusa (from Fox Sports) had this conversation with the announcers in the booth:

Siragusa: "[Harrington] seemed a little different than what I expected," Siragusa said of their pregame meeting. "I thought he was a little bit too overconfident. … Just a different kind of guy. Not a meat-and-potato guy but a very sophisticated man. That's as much as I can go into right now."

Johnston: "More champagne and caviar than meat and potatoes?"

Siragusa: "Yeah, I wouldn't see him going out and ordering a beer any time soon to tell you the truth."

Stockton: "In other words, he may not be your kind of guy, Goose?"

Siragusa: "He's the kind of guy that's on the other side of the club than I am. He's over there with the champagne and caviar. And also the strawberries and chocolate, you know?"

Stockton: "We get the idea."

Well, that got a LOT of people started talking about his sexuality and if he was gay or not. People love to gossip about professional sports players. Who are the dating, sleeping with, hanging out with. Joey has tried to stay away from the spotlight by going to a nondescript barber shop and not doing many endorsements. He is playing pretty well for Miami right now, gay or straight, Miami could have something going on here.

Joey is a really good looking guy, athletic, a football wiz, an excellent piano player and seems to be close with his family. Sounds like the perfect guy.


  1. Oh man those eyebrows are so fucking sexy...

  2. Wow. I don't get 'gay' from that statement. It sounds like he is saying that Harrington is more high class and thinks he is better then everyone.

  3. I think it says a little of both. But at the time, it was Siragsa calling out his sexuality